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Gilad Brand

A second-year fellow (2012-2014), Brand is interning in the Strategic Planning Division of the Ministry of Economy. During his first year, Brand interned in the President's Office, assigned to the president's economic advisor. Over the course of the year, Brand conducted an empirical study of the Israeli labor market. The research – "Is the Israeli Economy Still Benefitting from a Growing Educated Workforce?" – focuses on the contribution the rise in human capital has made to higher productivity.

Prior to joining the fellows program, Brand worked as an economist at the Macro Institute for Economic Policy Research. His work included conducting research and analyses of macroeconomic issues with a focus on Israel's economy and the local labor market.

In the military, Brand served in the paratroopers communication platoon and in the 890th Battalion.

Brand holds a B.A. in economics and business administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is pursuing a master's degree in economics in the research thesis track at Bar-Ilan University.

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