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Gleb Klempert
Gleb Klempert

A 2013-14 fellow, Klempert interns at Merhav-The Movement for Israeli Urbanism.

Prior to joining the fellows program, Klempert worked in the risk management department at Clal Credit Insurance, where his responsibilities included analyzing financial statements and writing analysis and recommendation to the board and reinsurers. In parallel, Klempert worked as a volunteer teaching mathematics to Arab ninth-graders in Jaffa. Before that, he worked as an integration engineer at an electronics company that develops communication systems for the military.

Previously, Klempert was a team leader in the guided weapon department in the Israel Air Force.

Klempert holds a B.A in management and economics from the Open University, where he graduated with honors. He is currently pursuing an M.A in financial economics from the Hebrew University.

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