Selection Process
The program's three-tier selection process is rigorous and competitive. We consider academic credentials, research interests, previous research and writing experience, group dynamics, and verbal and leadership skills.

As many as 15 first and second-year fellows are selected each year. Our application period is from March through April, screening is done during May and June, and final decisions are made by early July.

The first tier of the screening process is based on a complex matrix developed exclusively for the program. In this stage, the program's senior management team ranks each candidate, and the scores are discussed in a selection committee meeting that chooses the top 25 to 30 candidates.

In the second stage, the leading candidates are invited for a day of interviews in Jerusalem. The judges include government decision-makers, leading business executives, prominent academics and representatives from nonprofits. The day's scores are compiled to create a list of finalists.

In the third stage, the finalists are interviewed at their potential places of internship. The interviews are based on each candidate's performance, interests and internship preference. Based on the results of those interviews, we make a specific fellowship offer to the candidate.

Once a fellow accepts, we plan the tasks each fellow must undertake to prepare for the year. The new class begins immediately after the Jewish holidays around October.

Click here for the Informational Webinar from April 4, 2012.
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