other publications
Beyond Bachar: Next Steps for Financial Reform
Authors: Amit Goldwasser, Diana Zaks, and Shahar Shlush
Financing Regional Projects and Local Authorities: New Directions for Municipal and Project Finance
Authors: Noa Yehezkel, Sharon Ouziely and Mahmood Khativ
Download:  Hebrew Full
Fair Credit Policy for Israel: Accountability and Bank Lending for Community Reinvestment (CRA)
Authors: Leah Sperer, Hagar Cohen and Liat Levy
Israel and the Global Equity Market
Authors: Glenn Yago, Alma Gadot-Perez, Tong (Cindy) Li, Patricia Reiter, Laura Segafredo with Milken Institute Fellow Adi Hachmon and supervisor Ronit Purian-Lukatch
Download:  English Full
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