Course syllabus
Financial Innovations for Economic Development
Course number: 55721
Professor Glenn Yago
Milken Institute

October 14th, 2013 - January 13, 2014
Jerusalem School of Business Administration, Hebrew University
Room 3208 (Mt. Scopus)

Course Description

The course focuses on the means and methods of finance applied to social, economic, and environmental challenges of development. Financial innovations gives rise to new intermediaries (e.g., community venture capital, revolving small business loan funds, social investment banks), new types of instruments (structured finance, microfinance, social impact bonds, etc.), and new services or techniques (ETFs, mission related investing, public-private partnerships) to create jobs, build communities, and enable capital formation and economic growth.

This course will review the application of financial innovations to these new products and services, new processes and operations and organizational forms in addressing problems as diverse as entrepreneurial finance, alternative energy infrastructure, environmental finance, accelerating medical solutions, regional development, urban revitalization and archaeological conservation and discovery. We will discover why capital structure matters in aligning diverse interests into new business models for social and economic change. Students will research practical applications to financing challenges for Israeli economic development.

Download a pdf pdf of the syllabus here.
For more information, visit the Hebrew University here.

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