opening week training
The fellows intern with senior public service leaders and are required to hit the ground running. To prepare, the fellows undergo intensive groundwork and training in the program's first week.

The opening week seminar covers:

Research and writing skills
  • Search and data-mining techniques
  • Reference management tools
  • Professional and academic writing standards
Personal and communication skills
  • Public speaking and PowerPoint presentations
  • Self-branding and personal communications
  • Tools for a successful internship
Key policy issues (detailed in experts' lectures and program workshops)
  • Israel's economy
  • Israel's capital markets
  • Public service
  • Science, research and the Knesset
  • Why reforms fail and how to lead change
Administration and program orientation
  • Program milestones and evaluation points
  • Expectations and guidelines for behavior
    (For example, fellows are strictly forbidden from engaging in any political or lobbying activity during their internship.)
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